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You will breathe fashion with CNR Fashionist, in Istanbul, which is one of the most exciting cities in the Fashion world.

Fashion, what is fashion? According to the dictionary it’s a style that is popular at a particular time. It affects our lives because of our need to change and dress up. However fashion never goes out of style! It changes and continues. Every age, every period of time and every object has a style of its own.

Fashion trends are ruled by the fashion capitals. Especially in clothing, there’s a city assigned for each gender. For men it’s London, for women it’s Paris. CNR Fashionist is ready to change this perception and create a new sense of fashion. The exhibition aims to make Istanbul, the dearest city in the world, the capital of fashion again.

CNR Fashionist Istanbul will shape the world of fashion between the dates of 19-21 November 2019. The exhibition will host hundreds of companies, presenting modern and beautiful designs in their newest collections.

Don’t forget to take your place at CNR Fashionist Istanbul, if you would like to have a say in the future of the fashion world.