• The Fashion World

    Feels the Power
    of CNR
  • Fashion is back in Istanbul
    with CNR Fashionist
  • Top models raised fashion
    to new heights at CNR Fashionist
  • Ready-to-wear clothing and
    textile industries have united at CNR
  • Leading brands of fashion

    came together
    at CNR Fashionist

- Fashion is
in Istanbul!

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Moda İstanbul'a Geri Dönüyor

The world of fashion is changing!

Marketing activities of CNR Fashionist Istanbul, which is the greatest fashion exhibition for evening gowns, wedding dresses, and suits in Turkey are continuing across the country.

Moda Fashionist'tir!

Fashionist defines Fashion!
All you need to do is follow Fashionist!

You will breathe fashion in Istanbul, one of the most exciting cities of the world to explore

Stylish, elegant, comfortable!
The most spectacular designs

The collections of designers from around the world who shape fashion will introduce the trends and designs of the next season.

Göz Alıcı Tasarımlar
Göz Alıcı Tasarımlar

International Companies
Which Shape Fashion

Over 100 leading companies of the industry will expand the $1.5 billion annual export volume of the industry.


Dünyanın Dört Bir Yanından Profesyonel Alıcılar

Professional buyers from
all over the world

CNR Holding will make CNR Fashionist the center of attention for buying committees, bringing a breath of fresh air to the sector.

Görsel Bir Şölen CatWalk

A Visual Feast!

CNR Fashionist will become a visual feast with the exquisite catwalks organized by wedding dresses, evening gowns and wedding suits companies.

Meet the big names of the fashion world!

CNR Fashionist Trend Area, organized by CNR Holding with , will draw attention with various seminars and activity programs.

Göz Alıcı Tasarımlar

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