Fuar Alanı

CNR Fashionist Visitor Profile

Retailers, Manufacturers, Chain Stores, Wholesalers, Designers, Exporters & Importers, Foreign Trade Companies, Fashion Media Representatives, Textile and Apparel Associations and Governmental Textile Institutes

Why should you visit Fashionist Istanbul?

  • Be the first one to see the latest developments, trends and innovations of the fashion world.
  • Join the seminars where industry professionals will share their creative process.
  • Don’t miss the opportunity to watch the exquisite runway shows.
  • Make new connections and grow your business.
  • Benefit from the opportunities provided by CNR EXPO, which will bring a fresh breath of air to the fashion world.
  • Enjoy the opportunities of being in Istanbul, which offers many opportunities and unites people from different cultures.
  • Keep up with the fashion industry of Eurasia at the gateway between the East and the West.